• Five star hotel high quality, natural pure cotton
    The most comfortable experience for you.

    Bedding article
    For hotels and home
  • Five star hotel quality
    Pure natural material, comfortable, green health.

    Bedding article
    For hotels and home
  • Special supplies for hotels
    To meet the needs of
    the business travelers, trip and follow the hotel.

Welcome to Sion
We are committed to a comfortable experience, all the products are made of pure cotton fabric.

Beddings can provide separately: quilt core, pillow core, quilt cover, pillow cover, bedsheet, etc.
Hotel Linen
This series includes beddings, guest room supplies, bathroom supplies, restaurant products, etc.
Dinner Linen
This series includes tablecloths, table napkin, chair covers, table covers, table skirts, conference tables, wedding banquets, tablecloths, etc.

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